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Our company was established in 2013 and had since been providing families peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are well-supported and in good hands.

mother pushing daughter in wheelchair into vehicle

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to make getting to health appointments stress-free for all our clients. This way, they can worry less about safety and comfort and focus more on the reason for going to their destinations and relaxation on the road. Quality NEMT and medical transportation help our clients maintain their independence, and thus, we aim to offer them services that work for them every time.

Our Vision Statement

We strive to maintain our reputation of providing high-quality transportation services provided by compassionate professionals. We want our work to speak for ourselves as it has over the years and continue forging good relationships with our clients and their families. With these, we wish to reach more people and extend our services to individuals that need our help.

Why Choose Us?

Riding in a vehicle that supports their needs is essential for the elderly and people who have disabilities or medical conditions. This is because vehicles like these can support their comfort and safety needs as they travel to their appointments. AM/PM MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION has a fleet of vehicles outfitted with ramps, chair lifts, and other equipment. The interior of each is spacious and has more than enough room to accommodate clients' mobility aides and other things they need to take to their appointments, making traveling a convenient experience.

Our drivers are licensed professionals who have years of combined experience. They share our passion for service and families' concerns about their loved ones' well-being as they go to and from their destinations.

white van on the road on a sunny day